All Committees

SUNMUN II is proud of its unique and innovative committees. We invite delegates to explore the diversity of available committee options throughout the registration process.

Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC)
UNICEF Executive Board, 2009
World Health Organization


General Assemblies

Traditional style General Assembly committees with more delegates

Sorority Struggles: Mu Upsilon Nu

Specialized Committees

Committees with unique procedural elements with many planned twists and turns!

El Despertar de los Antiguos: Council of the Gods, 2024
Charisma, Uniqueness, Nepotism, & Trendsetting: It Girls of the 2000s

Crisis Committees

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Kingdom of Siam, 1893
Life's a Beach: Lord of the Flies Island Society
The Drums of War: Imjin War JCC, the Kingdom of Korea, 1592
The Drums of War: Imjin War JCC, the Kingdom of Japan, 1592
Chess's Checkered History: 1978 World Chess Championship
Ad-Hoc General Assembly of the Director-General
Ad-Hoc of the Secretary General

Ad-Hoc Committees